Why does Caillou have no hair ? here's the answer

The famous character from the Canadian cartoon Caillou produced a really questionable discussion. Why does Caillou have no hair? Does he have cancer? Is he sick? Does he shave? Parents around the globe are pondering about exactly why the cartoon creators didn’t bother to attract some locks for that poor kid.

Ends up Caillou is really a perfectly healthy rascal. Once the cartoon was made, they produced a personality, who had been 9 several weeks old. This type of small baby, within their opinion, shouldn’t have hair. So Caillou was created absolutely bald. As time passes, as he increased older, the creators added some hair. Once they attempted to get it done, the little one grew to become absolutely unrecognizable.

The cartoon managers were afraid that youngsters just won’t understand who this latest boy with locks are. That is why they left him bald and closed the situation. Actually, Caillou’s boldness grew to become an excellent need to show the kids that everyone is different. Parents got an opportunity to explain their children the fundamentals of tolerance. No matter for those who have lengthy locks, dye them crimson, choose a mohawk or shave everything off, you're the same person you had been before altering the hair do.
Why does Caillou have no hair

Because so many parents don’t really favor Caillou and the behavior, the chance to educate their kids something positive is appreciated. The little one is sort of ill-mannered and will get away with lots of different pranks.

Once the children, who watch the cartoon, were requested regarding their opinion about Caillou’s hair loss, they simply didn’t have. Apparently , preschoolers just don’t notice this selection. It normally won't care if Caillou is bald. Finish of story.

that's the answer Why does Caillou have no hair. hopefully you understand with the above explanation. Thanks.
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