Understanding Vape and Its Impact to Your Health

With the growing popularity of vape, questions such as “Does Vaping Cause Cancer?” have become more and more common among people. As recorded by the CDC, there are currently more than 9-million of people who vape regularly. This is a staggering number considering the fact that vape itself is a relatively new trend. So what is vape and does this alternative result in the same harmful effects?

Understanding vape and what it has to offer

What is vape and why is it hailed as a better alternative to smoking by many people. Not only is it well-known as a much healthier option for those who still cannot completely quit smoking, vape is also popular for its wide range of flavors and aromas. Yes, unlike traditional smoking with cigarettes, vaping is widely considered as less harmful since it does not contain as much nicotine – let alone tar.

As a comparison, cigarettes typically contain more than 4,000 different chemicals. These chemicals undoubtedly impact your body tremendously, however despite that very fact, a lot of people still find it difficult to go cold turkey. All thanks to its addictive chemical substances, people find it easier to just deal with the health issues later on in the future than having to risk withdrawal and discomfort.
Vape, on the other hand, is created by manufacturers with active plant ingredients. Other than that, it is also given natural flavorings and aromas before the product is properly heated without the residual combustion process.
Does Vaping Cause Cancer

Does it cause lung cancer?

However the fact that vape still contains nicotine and tar is not lost on us. Symptoms may not appear immediately, but over the years, vaping in  abundance will definitely lead to popcorn lung condition and also a condition where there is a malignant cell growth. This condition is typically induced by a DNA mutation. Said mutation itself is more often than not provoked by the constant exposure to harmful chemicals.

So does this mean vaping actually cause cancer? And is the risk of vapers to develop a type of malignant tumor generally higher than traditional smokers? Much to our surprise, the answer is not necessarily. Cigarette smoking has been found as the one of the worst offender in this equation. However the same cannot be said for e-cigarettes or vape.

The little chemical used in Vape’s product is not enough to promote malignant tumor let alone to cause cancer. But of course this does not apply to every type of vaporizer products, some of them actually do promote tumor cells and cancer. Yes, vaporizers are indeed not created equal. Those who wish to have a much healthier alternative to cigarettes must be aware of the differences between one vaporizer to another.

For that reason, always choose for a particular vaporizers that come with two coils. This two coils vaporizers have a much lower toxic level due to the fact that the chemical emission it produces is higher than those with just one coil. Hopefully this article helps you answer your “Does Vaping Cause Cancer” question.
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