Do I Have Cancer Quiz: See Your Breast Cancer Risk

Do I Have Cancer Quiz should be taken especially if people really want to prevent this dangerous health condition. Many people think that cancer is type of health condition which can be deadly. It can be true especially if the cancer is already at severe stadium. One thing which people must not forget actually is that cancer will not be developed immediately. It will take years before the cancer can be diagnosed and at the severe level. It is better to be prevented of course. It is easier to treat at the early stage. That is why taking the quiz can be a great start for winning against the cancer. There are many types of cancer which can be found in the world but breast cancer can be pretty common and deadly type of cancer which can be suffered by women. There are some aspects which must be considered as part of the quiz for finding out the risk of breast cancer.

Monthly Breast Self Exam

When people are talking about early breast cancer detection, monthly breast self exam must not be ignored. This is the very first thing which should be done by women if they want to prevent and also early detect the breast cancer so they are able to treat it as soon as possible. There will be some things which can be found during the self exam. Women maybe will not feel any change which is noticeable in their breast. There is also possibility that women will feel kind of lump with small size in one breast. One breast can also have dramatic change not only in the shape but also size.

Nipple Check

Besides the breast, the nipple should also be checked to see whether there is sign of breast cancer. They might notice that the nipple just feels exactly the same as it is during last month check. There is also possibility that the nipple can be tender but they did the exam week before the period. There can also be discharge on the nipple.

Do I Have Cancer Quiz

Recent Breast Pain

Breast pain can also play important role for finding out whether someone can have risk of breast cancer. People should pay attention about the recent breast pain they experienced. For example, it is possible that the breast pain can be experienced after doing new chest exercise type. Otherwise, the breast pain can also be experienced in one spot only but it seems like the pain is never go away. The third possibility is that there is slight breast pain experienced but it is associated to the swelling condition of one breast.

No Palpable Knots or Lumps in Breasts

Next, people also have to see whether they have knots or lumps which are not palpable in the breasts. Along with the knots, they do not have any change which is noticeable. However, there is also circumstance when people have it but they also have swollen breasts although they already have missed their period. It can come along with the skin which has puckering and dimpling as well as the pulling in at the nipple. More things can be considered and people need to take a look closer to their breast to know their risk about breast cancer with Do I Have Cancer Quiz.
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