Can You Get Lung Cancer from Smoking Weed? Is It True?

There are no doubts that smoking is a bad and unhealthy habit disturbing respiratory tract and destroying your skin. Cigarettes contain chemicals, nicotine, and dangerous compound for your body. When you get exposed on those compound, your body will be weak and easily suffer some kinds of diseases. What about smoking weed? Can you get lung cancer from smoking weed?

Is Smoking Weed Dangerous?

It is very surprising to reveal the fact about smoking weed.  The smokers of weed seem to have few risks of lung damage or even lung cancer in a short – term consumption. Based on big scale epidemiology research, it is found that smoking weed easily attacks your lung. Surely, it makes worries about long – term consumption of weed and smoking weed.

The Effects of Smoking Weed

If you wonder why the effects of smoking weed to your lung, you may get surprised. So far, high quality research about weed and lung health has been failed to show a significant relationship between smoking weed and lung problems. Several studies are actually showing that smelling the weed may have a positive effect. There was a study finding that smoking weed doesn’t cause a significant damage to your lung. It is different from cigarette having a feature of very destroying to your lung.

Can You Get Lung Cancer from Smoking Weed
The research also found that there is no correlation and relationship between a behavior of smoking weed and lung disease or cancer. Some researchers found that weed customers have interesting benefits. They will have bigger lung capacity. Can you get lung cancer from smoking weed? Some studies affirmed the same result though there are some things that must be known by customers about the effects of smoking weed in long – term effects.

Long – Term Effects of Smoking Weed

In short – term period of time, smoking weed can get annoyed your throat and lung. The weed smoke is hot and full of hot and salt particles. Weed is able to cause cough, irritation, and inflammation in short period of time. The irritation can cause bronchitis symptoms keeping continuing as long as you smoke the weed and formula.

Low temperature evaporation is still applicable, though this method is leading to the health than smoking. The evaporation heats up the weed to the boiling point of active compound in weed resin. When the resin is starting to get melted, fat changes from solid to be gas. It can be inhaled like gas. It hampers your throat and lung getting irritated of constant weed. Though it gets huge inhalation and hot fumes are inhaled quickly, it sometimes can cause cough.

Long – term effects of smoking weed are the damage of lung. This damage can be minimized by applying a safe consumption method. It includes tincture, evaporation, and edibles. Smoking weed regularly for more than 20 years influences the health condition. It affects to the decrease of breathing capacity. It means that it is a sign of lung disease. Can you get lung cancer from smoking weed? There are no studies claiming it yet. Smoking weed will be influencing lung condition but it has no relationship to the causes of lung cancer.
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