Cervical Cancer – Can You Die from Cervical Cancer?

Can you die from cervical cancer? Well, we need to know more about cervical cancer. And through this article we are going to explain several things you need to know about the disease that mostly attacks women.

The main cause of cervical cancer is the abnormal changes in your cervix cells which are pretty severe. The changes of the cells are mostly happened in the transformation zone, since the constant change is something normal for the cells. When the natural changing process happens, the cervical cells can be the abnormal ones if you are already infected with HPV.

Smoking cigarettes and having more than one sex partner could be another cause of cervical cancer anyway.

The symptoms of cervical cancer

The abnormal changes on cervical cells rarely give symptoms. But sometimes the symptoms below may appear as well.
  • Abnormal vaginal bleeding like after sex, after menopause, and between menstrual periods.
  • Pain during sex
  • Abnormal vaginal discharge
  • Unexplained change in menstrual cycle
When the condition is getting worse, the symptoms may include:
  • Anemia
  • Back pain, ongoing leg or pelvic
  • Problems on urinary
  • Urine leakage into vagina
  • Unexplained weight loss

What happens after that?

When the cells on the cervix overgrow out of control then the cervical cancer could happen. But, can you die from cervical cancer? Well, most cancer can be cured as long as it is detected early. Pap test is the first step you can try in order to find out if you have it or not.

But when it is left untreated then it may spread to other body part like vagina and layers of the deeper tissue around uterus. It may get worse when the cancer spread to lymph nodes and other organs pelvic. When the cancer is in advanced stage, it may create other problem on the bowel function and kidney, lungs, and liver.
Can you die from cervical cancer
Can you die from cervical cancer

The treatment depends on the cancer stage. As long as it has not been spread to other organ then the possibility of getting cure is higher.

What increases your risk?

Risk factor is the thing that could increase your chance to have this disease. However, it does not mean that you have it right now. So, the risk factors are such as:
  • Currently having infection with HPV in high-risk type. This is the main cause of cervical cancer and most sufferers get the disease due to HPV.
  • Sexual behavior at high risk like having more than one sex partner. Safer sex is going to reduce the risk.
  • Impaired immune system could lead to cervical cancer. HIV or other similar conditions will increase your risk to be infected by HPV.
  • Secondhand smoke or smoking cigarettes could somehow put the risk higher. So, it is better to avoid smoking cigarette or being near the smoker.
Cancer is a serious problem and when it is not properly treated, it could harm your life. Please do whatever you can to make your health better because there will be price to be paid when you get sick. Hopefully it can answer “can you die from cervical cancer”.
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