Understanding the Women Prostate Cancer

Questions like “Can Women Get Prostate Cancer” perhaps seems like a stupid question to majority of people. They believe that there is no way a woman can suffer from prostate cancer simply because they do not have prostrate to begin with. Logically speaking, with the absence of this part, getting a prostrate cancer should be as impossible as walking on waters. But what if we told you that there was such a thing as ‘female prostate glands'?

Understanding the female prostate glands

Women may not actually have a prostate the way men have them, but they do have a particular gland that shares striking similarities to prostate. Whenever the topic about ‘female prostate glands' is being brought up, they actually revert to the Skene's glands. Named after Alexander Skene, the first researcher to ever mention the glands in detailed structures, the glands were brought to attention in the 1800s. The term ‘Skene's glands' were promptly used to refer to the small-sized glands located on the vagina’s front side.

However, it is more commonly known as the female's prostate due to its similarities to prostate glands. The fact that the Skene's glands contain specific antigens referred to as the PSA and PSAP which are commonly found in the prostate’s glands becomes one of the similarities that both glands have in common. The only difference lies in the fact that Skene's glands do not drain or carry urine like prostate glands do. Differences aside, the fact that they share similarities beg for a question: “Can Women Get Prostate Cancer”?

Is it impossible for women to develop prostate cancer?

Female prostate cancer is a case that can be considered as extremely rare. One particular study conducted a few years ago estimates that Skene's glands account for as little as 0.003-percent of cancers in women’s urinary tract and nearby organs such as the urethra. This, undoubtedly, is an incredibly low number. Can this be concluded to a possibility of women getting prostate cancer? Not so fast.
Can Women Get Prostate Cancer

While it is likely that the female genital cancer that women are suffering from initially originated from the Skene's glands, at this point the study is still inconclusive. The fact that this is a rare case, combined with the fact that not every woman is born with Skene's glands, means that there are not a lot of related case studies to back-up the theory.

The lack of case studies and knowledge surrounding the issue also makes it difficult for the average people to recognize the symptoms of cancer related to this particular glands. However you are advised to meet a healthcare professional if you notice symptoms as the following:
  • Bleeding out of your urethra,
  • Frequent and painful urination, or
  • Difficulty passing urine,
  • Notice blood in the urine,
  • Persistent painful sexual intercourse,
  • Pressure feeling right behind the pelvic bone,
  • Abnormal menstrual cycle or sudden changes to menstrual cycle.
The moment one or all of the aforementioned symptoms above appear, promptly get yourself thoroughly examined as they can be symptoms related to Skene's glands cancer or other types of disease. Ask your practitioner Can Women Get Prostate Cancer and whether or not your symptoms are related to the condition.
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