Can Vaping Cause Cancer? – Anything about Lung Cancer

Can vaping cause cancer? When you use the vape or electronic cigarette, you also put in the nicotine into your bloodstream as well as your lungs. Even though tar and smoke are not involved in the process, the nicotine is still inside your bloodstream and lungs. Other harm things can also get inside your body by using vape, especially if you use the cigarette with flavor in it.

How could it happen?

This electronic cigarette gets the live by using battery to heat up the nicotine and flavoring. You also need to know that there are still other chemical substances that cannot be seen with naked eyes inside things mentioned before. After that, you breathe in the vapor. Several chemical substances in the vapor such as particle, heavy metals, and formaldehyde can be trapped in the deepest area of your lungs. So, what do you think? Can vaping cause cancer?

The element of electronic cigarette

Basically the chemical substances exist in the electronic cigarette or vape are lower than those that exist in the regular cigarette. Besides, it is hard to know the exact amount of the substance in the vapor. But some research has proven that the formaldehyde is getting more and more when it is on the electronic cigarette especially if the voltage level is pretty high.

Other than that, it is very possible that the chemical substances in the vapor can cause irritation in the lungs’ airways, which can lead to another serious health problem. Other studies have found that some flavoring types can cause inflammation on the cells of your lung. Still, further research needs to be done in order to characterize the health risk of vaping in long-term use.
Can Vaping Cause Cancer
Can Vaping Cause Cancer

Popcorn lung

Diacetyl is a type of chemical substance exists in certain cigarette flavoring that gives the buttery flavor. That chemical is linked to a serious disease happens in lung named bronchitis obliterans. People also call it popcorn lungs.

The disease was named after the cause of the disease. People who work in the factory of microwave popcorn are high at risk of getting lung problem since they breathe diacetyl in their lungs. Diacetyl is used for flavoring the popcorn, dairy products, and also caramel. How the chemical gets inside the lung when somebody uses vape is similar with the way the microwave popcorn factory inhaled the chemical.

It can cause dry cough that seems like stuck forever. Besides, it gives shortness of breath, fever, headache, wheezing, and other health problems that seem like seasonal health problem. Your body parts like throat, nose, skin, and eyes can get irritated by the vapors as well. When it becomes on higher level, diacetyl could create scars on the tiny air sac of your lungs. It causes your airways become narrower and thicker.

Popcorn lung has no cure but there are certain medications that could help to ease the symptoms. When you see something strange with your body, you better see the doctor for further exam. So, can vaping cause cancer?
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