Can Smoking Weed Cause Cancer?

Can Smoking Weed Cause Cancer? People should have a big question about this especially since smoking surely has kind of serious issue with cancer. The lung cancer cannot be separated from the smoking habit especially the tobacco smoking. Some people think that smoking with other ingredients can be safer than tobacco smoking. Is that true? People should feel relieved yet before they read further information about weed smoking such as marijuana smoking. Maybe they will think twice about any kind of smoking type once they are well informed about the bad effect which can be caused to their health. The weed which we are talking about is marijuana especially.

Marijuana Potential Health Benefits

When people are talking about marijuana, there will always be kind of debate which can be found about this weed. Legality can be the main issue about marijuana but many people actually have ever heard about various potential health benefits of this weed. According to some studies, it is useful for helping people who have some conditions including chronic pain, nausea, opioid addiction, depression, as well as glaucoma. However, people must not forget that it is also classified as schedule one drug by the federal government just like ecstasy and also heroin. It is also hard to control the quality of marijuana because of various types and also strains which can be found from this weed. People have to be aware about the fact that there is still no clear explanation about marijuana health risk including lung cancer risk.
Can Smoking Weed Cause Cancer

Risk of Any Kind of Smoke

Although there is no clear explanation about the health risk of smoking weed like marijuana and lung cancer, people still have to be aware because the lungs can be damaged by any smoke type. People cannot deny the fact that the lungs will be suffered by any kind of smoke including tobacco and marijuana. Anytime they inhale smoke no matter what it is, it can create damage to the lungs. That is why if people really do not want to have problem with lung cancer at all, it is better for them to avoid any kind of smoking including weed smoking.

Lack of Quality Control

There are various ways which people can take to smoke marijuana. Some people will not only smoke the marijuana because if can be mixed with tobacco. Mixing weeds with tobacco surely will increase the carcinogens they take into the body. At the same time, it will make them difficult to smoke in moderation because tobacco has addictive nature. Some people choose to replace tobacco smoking to marijuana but it can be found in older smokers. Young people might prefer marijuana than cigarettes. With the fact that marijuana comes with various strains make it hard to be controlled especially from the quality aspect. Different strains of marijuana can cause different chemical concentration within one stash and it can cause different effect to the health. The quality control will be harder for synthetic marijuana. It is better to prevent than just wondering about Can Smoking Weed Cause Cancer.
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