Symptoms of Basal Cell Cancer

There’s a stereotype of cancer as one of the most notorious killer disease. I believe we all agree about it. But actually, that stereotype isn’t completely right. There are different types of cancerous diseases and not all of them are life threatening. There are types of cancer that rarely develop into life threatening phase and it can be removed or treated with highest rate of success and minimum risk. One of them is basal cell cancer. Read more to learn more about Basal cell cancer and Basal Cell Cancer Symptoms.

What is Basal Cell Cancer

It is a type of skin cell cancer that mostly grow on area often exposed by UV radiation from the sunlight. It is caused by unnatural growth of basal cells to become carcinoma. It is considered among the least harmful types of skin cancer because it is unlikely to spread to other parts of the body. Basal cell cancer is highly treatable and can be completely cured when treated in earlier phase.

Although it is unlikely to be life threatening, but it doesn’t mean you can completely ignore basal cell cancer. In later phase, the carcinoma cell can move into nearby area like surrounding skin tissues or the bones. In long term, it can cause disfigurement or possible risk of injury on the nerve or muscle. This is the reason why knowledge about Basal Cell Cancer Symptoms can help you minimize the risk.

Symptoms of Basal Cell Cancer

Basal cell carcinoma is caused by UV radiation on the skin. It means, most people are exposed with this kind of risk. If you spend a lot of hours outdoor during the day, you have bigger risk of this condition. What you need is giving more attention to your own body for signs of any unusual condition. These are signs of basal cell carcinoma including the following:
Symptoms of Basal Cell Cancer
  • Unusual growth on the skin
  • It comes in different forms. It can be a small bump that look like shiny mole or pimple. It can also a scar like area that looks shiny and waxy.
  • Open sore
  • An open sore that remains open for few weeks is something you definitely need to watch more. When it bleeds or oozes, this can be the early stage of basal cell carcinoma.
  • Abnormal blood vessel
It may look like blue, brown, or black patches on the skin with depression in the center.

Other Basal Cell Cancer Symptoms are practically all types of unusual growth you find on the skin. Areas that often exposed from the sunlight such as hand, head, and neck are the ones you need to closely monitor although this type of carcinoma can also grow on other areas.

Being aware of the symptoms of basal cell carcinoma is important because the earlier stage this cancer diagnosed, the easier and more effective the treatment will be. It is highly recommended to consult with your physician when you find or have concern about possible signs of carcinoma on your skin. This may be least threatening cancer but it would be better to take the right precaution.
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