Breast Cancer Research And Support Fund

Breast Cancer Research And Support Fund
If you are looking for Breast Cancer Research And Support Fund, you will find that there are many of organization websites that offer their charities activities for breast cancer survivor. In October, we know that the month is known with National Breast Cancer Awareness month where there are consumers and people are donates their money to fund for the breast cancer research and supports.  The statistic from says that in 2014, there are more than 2.8 million U.S women that have cancer breast history and there are 1;6 percentage of women that have risk of having this dangerous disease in her lifetime.

When you are considering donating your money to such charities organization such as Breast Cancer Research and Support Fund, then you need to aware with these several things to avoid scams foundation. For your earlier information, before you donate your money, you need to know how much the donation will use for the support programs or whether use for administration. There are some of organization that use donation and allocate most of donation for fundraising program or administration cost than use it for supporting program.  For example, organization might use 75% or more funds for program efforts, services and research will take less and use less of 33% for programming.
  • Take a look at transparency, facts and the figures behind the fund.
When you are choosing for the breast cancer charity or found, then search how the transparency, see how the funds are use, particularly it close to the financial records.  Seek out the figures and the percentages that they use that will indicate how much donation that will go toward the prevention, treatment, support and other depend to your interest.
  • Find the reputable charity that has been trusted. There are so many promotion that we need to aware when we want to donate to any founds.
  • Be aware with duplications of organization name. You might find that there are some names of funds or charity that popular for their activities and reputation. When you search to internet, then you will surprise on how many numbers of organizations that have names that almost similar. These are what we means on scammers. 
  • There are some opinion in public that when we donate to organization, then it will be send to breast cancer research and the awareness. If you want to find the research and support funds for breast cancer, then you can choose these recommended organizations that focus on breast cancer research and fundraising.
  • The Lynn Sage Cancer Research Foundation. This foundation has low administration cost and ensure that 94% from funds will be uses for research and education. The Charity Navigator rate this organization with 5 stars rate and Better Business Bureau report that this foundation meet with 20 standards for the charity accountability.
  • The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. This is independent and non-profit organization that supports clinical and medical research.
One thing, when you want to identify organization or funds that the best is by visit their website or to go a third party resources that give information or review about the funds.
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