Why does Caillou have no hair ? here's the answer

The famous character from the Canadian cartoon Caillou produced a really questionable discussion. Why does Caillou have no hair? Does he have cancer? Is he sick? Does he shave? Parents around the globe are pondering about exactly why the cartoon creators didn’t bother to attract some locks for that poor kid.

Ends up Caillou is really a perfectly healthy rascal. Once the cartoon was made, they produced a personality, who had been 9 several weeks old. This type of small baby, within their opinion, shouldn’t have hair. So Caillou was created absolutely bald. As time passes, as he increased older, the creators added some hair. Once they attempted to get it done, the little one grew to become absolutely unrecognizable.

The cartoon managers were afraid that youngsters just won’t understand who this latest boy with locks are. That is why they left him bald and closed the situation. Actually, Caillou’s boldness grew to become an excellent need to show the kids that everyone is different. Parents got an opportunity to explain their children the fundamentals of tolerance. No matter for those who have lengthy locks, dye them crimson, choose a mohawk or shave everything off, you're the same person you had been before altering the hair do.
Why does Caillou have no hair

Because so many parents don’t really favor Caillou and the behavior, the chance to educate their kids something positive is appreciated. The little one is sort of ill-mannered and will get away with lots of different pranks.

Once the children, who watch the cartoon, were requested regarding their opinion about Caillou’s hair loss, they simply didn’t have. Apparently , preschoolers just don’t notice this selection. It normally won't care if Caillou is bald. Finish of story.

that's the answer Why does Caillou have no hair. hopefully you understand with the above explanation. Thanks.

Do I Have Cancer Quiz: See Your Breast Cancer Risk

Do I Have Cancer Quiz should be taken especially if people really want to prevent this dangerous health condition. Many people think that cancer is type of health condition which can be deadly. It can be true especially if the cancer is already at severe stadium. One thing which people must not forget actually is that cancer will not be developed immediately. It will take years before the cancer can be diagnosed and at the severe level. It is better to be prevented of course. It is easier to treat at the early stage. That is why taking the quiz can be a great start for winning against the cancer. There are many types of cancer which can be found in the world but breast cancer can be pretty common and deadly type of cancer which can be suffered by women. There are some aspects which must be considered as part of the quiz for finding out the risk of breast cancer.

Monthly Breast Self Exam

When people are talking about early breast cancer detection, monthly breast self exam must not be ignored. This is the very first thing which should be done by women if they want to prevent and also early detect the breast cancer so they are able to treat it as soon as possible. There will be some things which can be found during the self exam. Women maybe will not feel any change which is noticeable in their breast. There is also possibility that women will feel kind of lump with small size in one breast. One breast can also have dramatic change not only in the shape but also size.

Nipple Check

Besides the breast, the nipple should also be checked to see whether there is sign of breast cancer. They might notice that the nipple just feels exactly the same as it is during last month check. There is also possibility that the nipple can be tender but they did the exam week before the period. There can also be discharge on the nipple.

Do I Have Cancer Quiz

Recent Breast Pain

Breast pain can also play important role for finding out whether someone can have risk of breast cancer. People should pay attention about the recent breast pain they experienced. For example, it is possible that the breast pain can be experienced after doing new chest exercise type. Otherwise, the breast pain can also be experienced in one spot only but it seems like the pain is never go away. The third possibility is that there is slight breast pain experienced but it is associated to the swelling condition of one breast.

No Palpable Knots or Lumps in Breasts

Next, people also have to see whether they have knots or lumps which are not palpable in the breasts. Along with the knots, they do not have any change which is noticeable. However, there is also circumstance when people have it but they also have swollen breasts although they already have missed their period. It can come along with the skin which has puckering and dimpling as well as the pulling in at the nipple. More things can be considered and people need to take a look closer to their breast to know their risk about breast cancer with Do I Have Cancer Quiz.
Things Loved by Cancer Men In Bed

Things Loved by Cancer Men In Bed

Cancer Men In Bed can be unique because of his unique characteristic. Cancer men are considered as the most sensitive compared to other signs. The good thing is that he can get greatest pleasure by bringing happiness to other people. Because of this caring nature, cancer men can really be a real catch. Women can feel special, loved, and secure in emotional aspect with the cancer men because he will be completely devoted, intimate, romantic, and also nurturing. To answer the good feeling delivered by cancer men, women maybe want to give the best for him in the bed. There are some things loved by cancer men especially in the bed after all.

Love to be Spoiled

The very first thing women should know about the cancer men in the bed is that he loves to be spoiled when in the bed. He can be pretty lazy. That is why women should take the initiative for showing their submissive side. In fact, cancer men love being worshipped. Giving the blowjob which is playful, sensual, and sexy can make him nuts instantly. All that he has to do is lying back for watching their performance.

Feminine Submissive

There is important aphrodisiac which must be used for turning on the cancer men in the bed. There is no need to worry because it can be as simple as being feminine and also submissive at the same time. It is better for them to show the more feminine energy to cancer men because it will make him feel more dominant. In fact, cancer men can be turned off when the women are too aggressive because he can be really insecure commonly. The control should be at his and it means that the women will be his toy in the bed. It will be so much better if they give him permission to control them in bed verbally.

Right Words

Women also need to say the right words to the cancer men because he simply loves it. It is better not to be completely quiet in the bed because it will be the worst thing they do because he will start over thinking due to the fact there is no feedback. Worse thing can also be found by saying something wrong. It will just turn him off. That is why saying the right words are necessary for giving him the ownership feel. It will be the time when he is able to have an orgasm pretty instantly with just using the right dirty words.

Visual Look

Cancer men will always be very visual creature. That is why for turning him on in the bed, women really need to pay attention to their look. He can be pretty judgmental about the naked body since he will compare it to any other woman they have been with. There can be certain standard he has about good body after all. That is why it is necessary to enhance the look over and over again especially by avoiding gaining extra weight if they want to turn on Cancer Men In Bed.

Can You Die From Skin Cancer? Shocking Facts

Can You Die From Skin Cancer? This can be kind of question which people will ask a lot. Many people have heard about the type of cancer which can be deadly such as breast cancer. They know that there is skin cancer as well but they do not think that it can be deadly as well. In fact, any type of cancer can cause death if it is not treated as soon as possible. About the skin cancer, it is better to learn more about its facts. Learning about the symptoms will also be needed to make sure that the right treatment can be taken as soon as possible.

Shocking Facts

There are various types of skin cancer which can be found but the most skin cancer types are caused by the exposure from sun UV rays. UV rays become the main culprit of the non-melanoma type of skin cancer. UV rays can affect the same way to the unprotected exposure whether it comes from being in the outdoor places or tanning booth. The same effect can even be found from the unprotected UV rays exposure through the windows in the home or car. One person dies from the skin cancer in every hour. Melanoma skin cancer type is deadlier than the non-melanoma type after all.  This fact can be pretty sad actually because it can be prevented as long as people protect their selves from the sun exposure properly. If people are asking about the type of cancer which is commonly diagnosed among women and men, the skin cancer can be the answer. There are people with higher risk of death due to the skin cancer. It includes African Americans, Latinos, and Asians although the risk factor of skin cancer for them is a little bit low. Higher risk factor can be found for Caucasians. Melanoma risk factor can be doubled if people had one bad sun burn during the childhood. That is why it is very important for protecting the children skin from the UV exposure because it will affect their adulthood health. It is a fact that more men are diagnosed with the skin cancer compared to women.
Can You Die From Skin Cancer


Skin cancer might cause death but people can prevent this event if they can spot the symptoms of the skin cancer as soon as possible. That is why they need to pay attention to any small sign of this cancer type. They have to be more aware about mole or spot (any kind of lump with small size) which has pale color, smooth texture, waxy, as well as shiny look. They should pay attention to the firm red lump as well. The symptoms of skin cancer can also be spot or sore which can bleed or get crusty. The sores which do not heal can also be another symptom. The skin can also have patches which are scaly and rough. There can also be brown or red flat scaly areas which can be found on the skin. People also have to pay attention to any suspicious new growth on the skin. Can You Die From Skin Cancer?

Can Smoking Weed Cause Cancer?

Can Smoking Weed Cause Cancer? People should have a big question about this especially since smoking surely has kind of serious issue with cancer. The lung cancer cannot be separated from the smoking habit especially the tobacco smoking. Some people think that smoking with other ingredients can be safer than tobacco smoking. Is that true? People should feel relieved yet before they read further information about weed smoking such as marijuana smoking. Maybe they will think twice about any kind of smoking type once they are well informed about the bad effect which can be caused to their health. The weed which we are talking about is marijuana especially.

Marijuana Potential Health Benefits

When people are talking about marijuana, there will always be kind of debate which can be found about this weed. Legality can be the main issue about marijuana but many people actually have ever heard about various potential health benefits of this weed. According to some studies, it is useful for helping people who have some conditions including chronic pain, nausea, opioid addiction, depression, as well as glaucoma. However, people must not forget that it is also classified as schedule one drug by the federal government just like ecstasy and also heroin. It is also hard to control the quality of marijuana because of various types and also strains which can be found from this weed. People have to be aware about the fact that there is still no clear explanation about marijuana health risk including lung cancer risk.
Can Smoking Weed Cause Cancer

Risk of Any Kind of Smoke

Although there is no clear explanation about the health risk of smoking weed like marijuana and lung cancer, people still have to be aware because the lungs can be damaged by any smoke type. People cannot deny the fact that the lungs will be suffered by any kind of smoke including tobacco and marijuana. Anytime they inhale smoke no matter what it is, it can create damage to the lungs. That is why if people really do not want to have problem with lung cancer at all, it is better for them to avoid any kind of smoking including weed smoking.

Lack of Quality Control

There are various ways which people can take to smoke marijuana. Some people will not only smoke the marijuana because if can be mixed with tobacco. Mixing weeds with tobacco surely will increase the carcinogens they take into the body. At the same time, it will make them difficult to smoke in moderation because tobacco has addictive nature. Some people choose to replace tobacco smoking to marijuana but it can be found in older smokers. Young people might prefer marijuana than cigarettes. With the fact that marijuana comes with various strains make it hard to be controlled especially from the quality aspect. Different strains of marijuana can cause different chemical concentration within one stash and it can cause different effect to the health. The quality control will be harder for synthetic marijuana. It is better to prevent than just wondering about Can Smoking Weed Cause Cancer.

Understanding Vape and Its Impact to Your Health

With the growing popularity of vape, questions such as “Does Vaping Cause Cancer?” have become more and more common among people. As recorded by the CDC, there are currently more than 9-million of people who vape regularly. This is a staggering number considering the fact that vape itself is a relatively new trend. So what is vape and does this alternative result in the same harmful effects?

Understanding vape and what it has to offer

What is vape and why is it hailed as a better alternative to smoking by many people. Not only is it well-known as a much healthier option for those who still cannot completely quit smoking, vape is also popular for its wide range of flavors and aromas. Yes, unlike traditional smoking with cigarettes, vaping is widely considered as less harmful since it does not contain as much nicotine – let alone tar.

As a comparison, cigarettes typically contain more than 4,000 different chemicals. These chemicals undoubtedly impact your body tremendously, however despite that very fact, a lot of people still find it difficult to go cold turkey. All thanks to its addictive chemical substances, people find it easier to just deal with the health issues later on in the future than having to risk withdrawal and discomfort.
Vape, on the other hand, is created by manufacturers with active plant ingredients. Other than that, it is also given natural flavorings and aromas before the product is properly heated without the residual combustion process.
Does Vaping Cause Cancer

Does it cause lung cancer?

However the fact that vape still contains nicotine and tar is not lost on us. Symptoms may not appear immediately, but over the years, vaping in  abundance will definitely lead to popcorn lung condition and also a condition where there is a malignant cell growth. This condition is typically induced by a DNA mutation. Said mutation itself is more often than not provoked by the constant exposure to harmful chemicals.

So does this mean vaping actually cause cancer? And is the risk of vapers to develop a type of malignant tumor generally higher than traditional smokers? Much to our surprise, the answer is not necessarily. Cigarette smoking has been found as the one of the worst offender in this equation. However the same cannot be said for e-cigarettes or vape.

The little chemical used in Vape’s product is not enough to promote malignant tumor let alone to cause cancer. But of course this does not apply to every type of vaporizer products, some of them actually do promote tumor cells and cancer. Yes, vaporizers are indeed not created equal. Those who wish to have a much healthier alternative to cigarettes must be aware of the differences between one vaporizer to another.

For that reason, always choose for a particular vaporizers that come with two coils. This two coils vaporizers have a much lower toxic level due to the fact that the chemical emission it produces is higher than those with just one coil. Hopefully this article helps you answer your “Does Vaping Cause Cancer” question.