Skin Cancer – Does Lil Wayne Have Cancer ?

Does Lil Wayne have cancer? We are going to fact check about this thing. But first of all, this rapper seems to be the frequent object of hoax statement especially about diagnosis of fatal cancer. Some of the hoax stories even stated that the rapper only has months to live.
Does Lil Wayne Have Cancer
Does Lil Wayne Have Cancer

The hoax story

A website reported that Lil Wayne he has been diagnosed with skin cancer with advanced stage. It also explains that the tattoos covered his body are the main reason why he is attacked by the skin cancer. Besides, he loves to smoke and drink too. He was at the stage 4 of skin cancer when he got the diagnosis. Other than that, he does only have a month or two for live

In reality, does Lil Wayne have cancer? We think he does not have one, since he has not reported anything about cancer. But he does stand with the cancer sufferers and wants make it stops.

Skin we are talking about skin cancer, this article will explain a little about it.

Skin cancer

Commonly, skin cancer is a cancerous cell that growth and destructive for skin. The majority of certain cancers, vastly, has limited potential to spread the cancerous cells to other body parts or even becomes a threat to your life.

The skin cancer has three types. The most common types are the basal cell carcinoma and the squamous cell carcinoma. Those are originated from the skin cells. Meanwhile, the third type is melanoma and also the dangerous and less common than the first two types. Melanoma is originated from the melanocytes or the skin cell that produces pigment.

Risk factors for skin cancer

Exposure of ultraviolet light is the most common risk factor. UV light is commonly coming from the sun and the beds for tanning. People with fair skin, fair hair, and fair-colored eyes are vulnerable at some point.

HIV or similar immune diseases could be another risk factor. Some medication like chemotherapy and prednisone are contributing too.

Ionizing radiation or X-rays exposure is actually having contribution too. It contains chemical substance that could predispose the cancer like arsenic.

Other things that contribute to skin cancer are such as the wart infection from virus due to sexual intercourse, personal history of having skin cancer, and elderly.

The signs and symptoms of skin cancer

The symptoms of each skin cancer type are a bit different.
Basal cell carcinoma gives some signs like:
  • Bump with shiny pink or translucent
  • Skin growth in pink shade
  • Reddish patch of skin that is unexplainable
  • Something like scar with yellow or white color on it but the border is not well defined
Squamous cell carcinoma signs are such as:
  • Irregular border with red patch in the middle that easily bleed
  • Open sore that hardly go away
  • Raised growth with rough surface in the middle of it
  • Something like wart
After you read this article, you already know more about skin cancer and it also gives you answer about “does Lil Wayne have cancer”.
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