Did Caillou Have Cancer ? – Urban Legend behind Caillou

Did Caillou have cancer? This question is frequently appeared once the cartoon was aired for the first time. Kids love this character but parents may find that this character is a bit annoying. But I believe both kids and parents would agree about “why is Caillou bald?”
Did Caillou Have Cancer

If you watch the cartoon, you will notice that Caillou’s parents and sister have lots of hair and it is the fluffy ones. Meanwhile, Caillou does not seem to grow even a single hair on his head. This appearance leads to some opinions. One of the rumors said that Caillou is bald due to the cancer he had.

Some parents will not even allow their kids watching the show just because they do not want the kids see a bald boy with cancer. But is the rumor true? Did Caillou have cancer?

The urban legend

The most famous one is that Caillou has cancer and the baldness is the result of treatments he got to treat the cancer. Even though Caillou is young, he is aware of that kind of condition. In order to cope with the situation, he uses the imagination to go on adventure and getting experience from it. Imagination is such a strong tool for kids. But people take it as his doubt about grow up, in case he could not make it.

Reason why he is bald

Basically, the Caillou TV show is based on the book with the same character. On the book, Caillou is at the age of a kid that does not have the hair yet. When it is adapted to the TV show, they want Caillou to look the same like on the book. So, no, Caillou does not have cancer. But no one knows where the rumor started and by whom.

Controversy of Caillou has cancer

Sometimes people behind the TV show also said that Caillou gets the bald look because they want to make it represents all kids in the world. But actually it sounds too be forced, which cause the parents ban their children to watch this TV show even though people behind the show just want to make a positive spin on it.

But even if the kids cannot stop their imagination about the cancer suffered by Caillou and it makes he gets the baldness but they still want to watch it then it is fine. The story of Caillou in the show is pretty good actually. Besides, banning the kids from watching the show just because the character has cancer could be so mean.

Every three minutes, a child is diagnosed with cancer around the world. And even if the rumor about “Caillou has cancer” is kind of true then he represents the kids around the world who have it. We never know if there is a kid with cancer out there watched Caillou and find comfort in it.

Kid with cancer is not supposed to be banned. They need to be supported and loved. So, even if it is true, it does not matter about “did Caillou have cancer”.
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