How to Avoid Scam when You Want to Donate for Breast Cancer Organization

Breast Cancer Research And Support Fund is one of good place that you can use to join the movement to help those who have cancer. More than that, this is also a good way to do good deeds for other people. However, there are still many people that try to use this condition for their own good. They scam many people that willing to spend some of their money to donate, which is something that you don’t want to get, right? Therefore, we want to share few things for you, so you won’t get scammed by those irresponsible people. Here are some of important points you need to consider to avoid scam.

How to Avoid Scam when You Want to Donate for Breast Cancer Organization

The Organization

Make sure you only donate to organization that you can trust and has good reputation and well known that they help this kind of charity activity. To find right organization, you can use tax return reports that you can easily find on Wise Giving Alliance website of Better Business Bureau. There is also other tool or place you can use to do some research to the organization where you want to donate your money for breast cancer. For example, Charity Navigator has evaluator for charities activity. Or, you also can use Charity Navigator from American Institute of Philanthropy. Once you search the organization from that source, you will find organization that you can trust. Then, you can donate your money to that organization.


Organization that has transparency or shows how they spent the money that they receive is the one that you have to choose. Usually, you can find this kind of information on their official website. There is information about the percentage of usage for the donation that they received. They usually divided into several post, like prevention for cancer, patient cancer treatment and research.

Good organization will give you clear information about this matter. For example, for cancer prevention, they will spend 30% of the donation they received and such. So, you will know how your money will be used later. The bad choice won’t reveal the percentage like that. Usually, they only give information, like portion of the fund will be used for something.

The Project

Make sure that the organization that you choose has real project. It is also good idea, if that organization has relation or work together with other organization that is well-known in helping breast cancer charity. And, the project also produces real result. Of course, the scammer will be easier to use this, by providing fake information about the project. You also need to crosscheck with the other organization that work together with the organization that you find. That way you will know, if they are the real one or not.

Basically, donating for breast cancer is easy to do, these days. There are many source and organization that you can find on the internet where you can donate your money. Of course, with the method that we explained above, you will know the best and right organization that you can choose to donate your money to.
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