Understanding the Basal Cell Cancer Symptoms

Understanding the Basal Cell Cancer Symptoms
Detect Basal Cell Cancer Symptoms earlier will help you to find the best and earlier treatment to prevent it worst. Basal cell cancers mostly fragile and often bleed after shaving activity or when there is a minor injury to skin. Sometimes, people that have sore or cut from shaving and not heal are identified with basal cell cancer.  The shaving cut usually will heal within a week or less.

There are several signs that can be noticed when the suspecting of basal cell cancer symptom appear.
  • There are condition such as pale, yellow, flat and firm areas in skin that likely similar with scars
  • There is raised and reddish patch that also itchy
  • There are areas in skin that have color of pink or red in small, pearly, translucent bump that also can be colored in brown, blue or black.
  • The pink growth skins areas that contain with abnormal blood vessel that spread out such as spokes in a tire.
  • There are open sores that not heal or it have been heal but always come back.
The basal cell cancer is a cancer that develops in parts of your skin that get much exposure with sun. it is natural to feel worry when your doctor diagnose you with this skin cancer type. However, you also need to keep peace of your mind because this is type of cancer that able to treat easier rather than other cancer type.  As long as the symptom of basal cell cancer is detected in earlier stage, the higher rate for cure this cancer is higher. The basal cell cancer is unlikely to spread from skin to other body parts, but this can move nearby to bone and other skin tissue under the skin. There are several treatments that can help to cure and help the cancer spread.

The treatment for basal cell cancer is how to get rid of the cancer but still leave as small as scars. To decide best treatment for you, doctor will consider the place from the cancer, how long it has been and the size. Here are some treatment that doctor suggest for basal cell cancer patients.
  • Cut out tumor. This is the other name of excision. The tumor and area near it will be numb. The tumor will be scrapped then and cut out the tumor and small area near the cancer cell. The areas that remove depend to lab examination. When the lab result show that there are more cancer cell in skin around your tumor, then there are more areas in your skin that will be removed.
  • Scrap the tumor and use electricity for killing the cell of cancer.  This also known with curettage and desiccation. In this treatment, doctor will numb skin and use curette to scrape off the tumor. The bleeding will be controlled and kill the cancer cell with electric needle.
  • Freezing the cancer cell. This is treatment that also known with cryosurgery. With this treatment, the doctor will kill cancer cell by freezing with nitrogen in liquid form.
  • Radiation therapy. This is the common cancer treatment using X-rays for killing the cancer cell.
  • Cream and pills treatment. There are some medicines that can help treaty basal cell cancer.  
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