Recognizing Basal Cell Cancer Symptoms

Recognizing Basal Cell Cancer Symptoms
There are so many types of cancer, such as breast cancer, lung cancer, brain cancer, and many more. Have you ever heard about basal cell cancer? Actually, it is also a type of cancer and some of you may be not familiar with this term. What is basal cell cancer? And what are basal cell cancer symptoms? You can find the answer by reading some information below.

What is Basal Cell Cancer?

As mentioned before, there are so many types of cancer. What do you think when hearing about basal cell cancer? Basal cell cancer is a type of cancer that attacks basal cell—the type of cell that produces new cell to replace dead skin cell. Basal cell is a type of cell that you can find under epidermis layer.

When cancer attacks basal cell, there are so many symptoms you will find. Before talking about the symptoms, let’s we talk about the part of body that is usually attacked by basal cell cancer. Actually, basal cell cancer usually attacks skin area that always exposed by ultraviolet or sun rays, such as face and neck. The first sign of basal cell cancer is a little and shiny bump that is found in the face (especially nose). But not only nose, the bump can be found in body, hands, and foot. Although basal cancer cell will not spread to other skin area, but it is a type of cancer that can spread to other tissues, such as bone.

The Symptoms of Basal Cell Cancer

Now, let’s we talk about the symptoms of basal cell cancer. As mentioned before, the first sign of basal cell cancer is a little bump found in your face area (especially nose). The little bump looks shiny. Some people may think that basal cell cancer is same with skin cancer, but actually basal cell cancer is little bit different from skin cancer.

Skin cancer usually signed by injuries in skin surface that releases blood continually. Basal cell cancer can also have that symptom too. Yes, basal cell cancer signed by little bump in face area, and the bump can contain blood vessel. Sometime, the bump can release blood and makes skin surface becomes rough. But, the little bump contains blood vessels is not the only symptom of basal cell cancer.

Basal cell cancer has other symptoms, such as scaly patches of brow or black that over time can enlarge. Not only that, the symptom can also be a flat, skin-colored lump that enlarges over time. So, be careful if you find the symptoms that look like basal cell cancer symptoms. Whenever you find basal cell cancer symptoms, you have to go to a doctor for getting treatment before the condition becomes worse.

Well, those are some information for you about the definition of basal cell cancer and also the symptoms of it. After reading some information about basal cell cancer symptoms, hopefully you will know well about basal cancer cell and use the information about it to identify basal cancer cell that may be suffered by you or your family member.
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