Five Hospitals of Cancer Centers of America

Five Hospitals of Cancer Centers of AmericaBeing diagnosed with cancer is very terrifying and no one would not feel the same way. It would be difficult for any of us to keep thinking about the worst-case scenario when we have cancer. Living with cancer is definitely difficult and fighting it will be even harder. Going through the treatments and to bear all the sufferings pain from this condition can be really overwhelming. It is very important to have the right medical treatment to get the best result.

Best Cancer Care from Cancer Centers of America

There are many oncology specialists throughout the country and most hospitals are quite capable to treat cancer. But when you want the best cancer treatment, it is highly recommended to choose medical facilities focusing on cancer treatment. One of the best names in cancer treatment in this country is Cancer Centers of America.

Cancer Centers of America, or officially named Cancer Treatments Centers of America, is a for-profit organization managing network of five hospital dedicated for cancer treatments. All five hospitals are fully accredited and fully equipped as cancer center focusing on integrative approach for cancer care. Cancer Centers Of America Locations are spread on five region throughout US mainland.

Why Cancer Centers of America

What makes Cancer Centers of America different from other cancer care facilities is its focus on patient-centered approach. It cancer treatment are covering conventional invasive medical approaches combined with integrative therapies mostly to help patients deal with side effects of medical treatment.

Other factor that separates these hospital from other medical care facilities is its highly competent medical team. Throughout five hospitals it has board certified physicians and surgeons with expertise and experience in cancer care and treatment. It also has professional medical support teams to make sure all patients get the best of care for the best possible result.

This organization is based in Boca Raton, FA. From the headquartered, it manages network of five hospitals, each located in and dedicated to serve five different regions in this country. The five hospitals of Cancer Centers Of America Locations are:

1. Midwestern Regional Medical Center

This is the first hospital of Cancer Centers of America. It is located in Zion, IL, a midway between Chicago and Milwaukee making it ideal location to serve patients from Midwestern area. While capable in treatments of all cancer types, it has highly acclaimed breast cancer center and lung cancer center. Full address of this hospital is: 2520 Elisha Ave., Zion, Illinois 60099.

2. Western Regional Medical Center

This hospital is located in the metropolitan area of Phoenix, AZ. It has team of experts and state of the art facilities for cancer diagnostic and treatment serving patients from Western region. This hospital has very good rating in treatment of breast, lung, colorectal, gynecologic, and prostate cancer. Full address of this hospital is: 14200 Celebrate Life Way, Goodyear, AZ 85338.

3. Eastern Regional Medical Center

Located in the city of Philadelphia, PA. This hospital offers integrated cancer care and treatment with specialization in breast, lung, colorectal, gynecologic, and prostate cancer. Full address of this hospital is: 1331 East Wyoming Ave., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19124.

4. Southwestern Regional Medical Center

Serving patients from Southwestern region is the hospital located in Tulsa, OK. It has very respected reputation for head and neck, kidney, and pancreatic cancer while also capable to treat other types of cancer. Full address of this hospital is: 10109 E. 79th Street, Tulsa, OK 74133

5. Southeastern Regional Medical Center

This hospital is located Newnan, GA a suburban area of Atlanta and only half an hour driving from Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. This hospital also has Center of Advanced Oncology offering state of the art cancer treatment. Full address of this hospital is: 600 Celebrate Life Parkway, Newnan, GA 30265
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