Cancer Centers of America Locations across the Country

Cancer Centers of America Locations across the Country
Cancer Centers of America locations are well spread across the US. Before you know where the places are, it is good for you to know what Cancer Centers of America is. CTCA in short, is a kind of national network based in Boca Raton, Florida. It already has a national reputation and well known across the country. CTCA is focusing their effort to help people with cancer. You can expect them to have surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and immunotherapy to cure people from their disease. They also offer integrative professional therapies to treat side effects of cancer such as anxiety, malnutrition, lymphedema, nausea, fatigue, pain, nausea, and depression. Knowing how CTCA deal with cancer, here are the location of CTCA’s medical facility across the US.

There is one in Atlanta

CTCA make their cancer hospital to help people with cancer in Atlanta. The exact address of the building is at Southeastern Regional Medical Center, 600 Celebrate Life Parkway, Newman, GA 30265. You can call their main number at (770) 400-6000. For you who don’t know where the building is, you can see the building from route 85. It is also near the Newnan Crossing Apartment, so it is kind of hard to miss it.

There is also one in Chicago

In Chicago, CTCA also make their cancer hospital to reach more people who suffer from cancer. You can go to the Midwestern Regional Medical Center, on 2520 Elisha Avenue Zion, IL 60099 to see the building. You can call (800) 322-9183 if you are around Chicago and need treatment regarding cancer. The location is not too far from Zion Historical Society and it has easy access, so you can get there easily.

One in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is the next location where you can find CTCA cancer hospital. The building is located at Eastern Regional Medical Center, 1331 East Wyoming Avenue, Philadelphia PA 13124. You can call them through the number (215) 537-7400. It is hard to miss the building since you can see it across the Juniata Golf fields and it is near the T-Junction between Wyoming and Castor Avenue.

Another in Phoenix

The next CTCA cancer hospital is located at Phoenix. Precisely, it is located at Western Regional Medical Center, 14200 W, AZ 85338. This hospital location is near the Arizona Department of Transportation and TownPlace Suites.

Last but not least: Tulsa

The last cancer hospital that CTCA has is at Tulsa. The complete address is at Southwestern Regional Medical Center, on 10109 E 79th Street,  in Tulsa, OK 74133. To go to the building, you can go out from route 64 into 81st street, and then turn right to South 101st East Avenue. You can see the hospital when going down the avenue.

Having 5 hospital specialize in curing cancer, CTCA can reach a lot of people in some region in US so they can be cured and medicated. If you cannot see the hospital from big road, you can Google it or try to ask people when you are near the places mentioned above. Those are Cancer Centers of America locations across the US
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