Breast Cancer Research and Support Fund

Breast Cancer Research and Support Fund
Breast Cancer has become one of the popular and deadly cancers that mostly haunt every woman. Breast cancer is the most common cancer that diagnosed in women. One in eight women in United State is diagnosed with breast cancer. It is estimated that each year, over 246. 660 women in United State are diagnosed with breast cancer and over 40.000 cannot survive. On average, it means that every 2 minutes, there will be a woman that diagnosed with breast cancer, and every 13 minutes, a woman will die because of breast cancer.

Due to the fact of breast cancer, we need to do the real action in solving the problem. Research, educational information, treatment supplies, supports for the patients or survivors are some actions can be done in fighting the breast cancer. However, those actions are not cheap. It required quite substantial cost. Therefore, funding is also one of the most important actions. Breast Cancer Research and Support Fund might become one of the best solutions for that financial problem.

Breast Cancer Research and Support Fund: Overview

Breast Cancer Research and Support Fund is a special project that is initiated by Community Charity advancement which is well known as a community that provides basic needs to support the health of community. Breast Cancer Research and Support Fund aims to provide funding for breast cancer research, educational information, treatment supplies and support for the patient and survivors. They believe that someday, the research will become a key to produce the cure for the breast cancer.
Therefore, funding and other supports

Board members of Breast Cancer Research and Support Fund consists of some passionate individual that dedicate them self to fight the breast cancer. Most of them are experienced medical practitioners and some workers in the health care organization and company such as Kerry Sharron as the President, Carole Reich and Lindsey Novinich as the board members.

In doing the program, there are some program partners that get involved; most of them are universities and institutes that put cancer as one of their major issue such as Auburn University Research institute in Cancer, Colombia University Medical Centers, Harvard Cancer Centers, and the others universities or institutes. The universities and institutes that become the program partners will receive the fund in order to encourage more advance research for breast cancer. Besides universities and institutes, there are some hospital, medical centers and cancer that also become the program partners. The fund that is given to them will be used to help them provide some supplies such as medicines for the breast cancer patients and support them in the treatments.


In order to run the program, Breast Cancer Research and Support Fund encourages many people to get involved in the action of fighting breast cancer by collecting some donations from many people who have the same visions. There is a website that can be used to make online donation. Besides using online donation, Brest Cancer Research and Support Fund also initiate some activities and fundraising in order to promote the awareness.
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