Breast Cancer Research and Support Fund: Its Controversies

Breast Cancer Research and Support Fund: Its Controversies
Many women are suffering from breast cancer. This condition can turn life upside won and it makes many to suffer, not only the patients but also their families and loved ones. It is really concerning that many breast cancer cases ended with fatality because most patients are diagnosed in late stage despite of known self-examination method. No wonder, researches are widely conducted to develop new cure and treatment for breast cancer and like most other medical researches, they depend strongly to charity as source of funding.

Charity Donation for Breast Cancer Research

Giving to charity has been a big part of our society. Many people are willing to give their money for good deeds. Giving to charity is the right thing to do and it comes with good incentives as charity contribution is eligible for tax deduction. Many charity organizations are focusing on collecting fund to benefit cancer researches and help cancer patients including charity organizations specializing in breast cancer research. However, it is important to make sure that your charity contribution doesn’t fall into the wrong place. There are bogus charity organizations claiming raising fund to benefit breast cancer researches but what they really do is exploiting donors without actually using the fund for the right cause.

Bogus or Legit

Of course, it won’t be easy to clearly identify bogus charities since they cleverly hide their true face. One name you need to give concern is Breast Cancer Research And Support Fund. This is a charity organization focusing on community charity advancement to provide fund for breast cancer research and to support patients and survivor. Although it has similar name, it doesn’t have any relation with the highly reputable NYC based Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Some allegations made that the similar name is intentional to mislead prospective donor.

Looking for its website, Breast Cancer Research And Support Fund seems legit. The website has proper information about the organization and its mission. You can also find profiles of its board members. From this website, you can also find list of program partners listing universities, medical centers, and cancer centers receiving fund from this organization. As the answer of the allegation, the website listed IRS 990 Report documents to download. So, is it bogus or legit charity ones?

The Allegation

The concern about Breast Cancer Research And Support Fund comes from various online articles mainly about experiences being contacted by this organization’s representative. The phone call from the representative was intended to encourage prospective donors to make contributions. It was revealed that the phone call was actually made by telemarketer from Las Vegas based telemarketing company. The suspicions grew bigger as the caller had lack of knowledge about the breast cancer charity or the organization claimed to be represented. The writer of the article also stated facts coming from the organization’s tax report that it spent more money on fundraiser’s fee while lack of money if not none spent to provide grants.

Learning the information above, it clears that although you have good intension to make charity donation to benefits breast cancer research, you need to choose the right charity organization to give the donation. That’s how you make sure your money really goes to the right cause.
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