Basal Cell Cancer Symptoms, potential risk and causes

Basal Cell Cancer Symptoms, potential risk and causes
Basal Cell Cancer Symptoms has the characteristics that people need to aware when they suspicious with their skin condition.  Basal cell cancer is the easiest form from skin cancer to treat and this also type of cancer that least to spread likely.  The general warning from skin cancer include the new spot or abnormal growth such as size, or sore that not heal soon after two months. In addition, the symptom
  • There is a growth in skin with flat, firm, pink or red, pale or small, that has translucent, shiny or wax look.
  • The skin that easier to bleed.
  • There is depression in the middle
  • There are colored patches such as black, brown or blue.
The basal cell cancer is causes by sever things that affect to this cancer cell development.  Basal cancer cell is occured when there is a basal cell in skin that develop mutation in the DNA.  The basal cell itself is found in the most outer layer of skin,  in the bottom of epidermis skin layer.  The function of basal cell is produce the new skin cell.  When there are new skin cell produced,  then the older skin will die and replaced with the new one.  The process from producing the new skin cell is controlled by basal cell's DNA.  When there is mutation from basal cell occured,  when the cell ia rapidly growing while it normally die,  then it will accumulate.  The accumulation from the abnormal skin cell then will be develop into tumor or cancer disease.  The other causes of basal skin cell cancer is the ultraviolet light and others.  There are research that shows if the damage in basal cell DNA is due to exposure from sunlight and commercial tanning bed or tanning lights.

For the prevention,  people also should aware for their potential risk of this basal cell cancer.  Here are some conditions that make higher risk of this disease.
  • Have chronic sun exposure.  Spending alot of time in tanning or tanning with sun show that it can damage the skin DNA.
  • Have radiation exposure. People that have radiation treatment have higher risk for develop skin cancer in the skin area that treated with radiation. This condition is particularly concern to children that have radiation treatment.
  • Have exposure with certain chemical. Get expose with large amount of certain chemical can risk skin cancer developing. There are some chemical that indicate can increase the skin cancer such as coal tar, paraffin, and certain oil types.
  • Get older.  People increase their risk for develop basal cell cancer due to their sun exposure over time, especially when this people usually work in open areas along their age.
  • People that have light colored skin. The light colored skin has higher risk for basal cell cancer as they have less skin pigment melanin rather than the darker skin.
  • Male is higher risk rather than women to get this cancer.
  • Smoking.
When you get suspicious that your skin has abnormal growth, then it is better to check to your doctor. Early detection will help you to kill the cancer cell before develop and spread.
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