Basal Cell Cancer, Symptoms, and Treatments

Basal Cell Cancer, Symptoms, and Treatments
Are you type of person who works or does your activity under the sun? You need to be careful because you can get basal cell cancer or well known as basal cancer carcinoma. What is it? And what are the basal cell cancer symptoms? We are going to discuss and briefly answer those questions.

Basal Cell Cancer

Basal cell cancer is one type of skin cancers. Commonly it is found on the skin that highly exposed to the sun. Similar with the any other types of skin cancer, it is caused by the damage of DNA in the skin cells. The damage is caused by ultraviolet rays from the sun. When the ultraviolet rays are exposed to the skin, they can influence the code that carried by the DNA and form the cancer. For you who have fair skin, you need to be careful because mostly this type of skin cancer is found a lot on the fair skin. Compared with other types of cancers, basal cell cancer is least risky type of cancer. It is curable when you can recognize and diagnose it earlier. Unlike other type of cancer that can spread to other parts of body, commonly, the cancer will not spread from the skin to other parts of body. However, it is possible that the cancer move to some area of the skin, tissue under the skin, and the bone. Basically, you can get the cancer in any part of skin, but mostly on the skin the highly exposed to the sun such as face, arms, and legs.

Basal Cell Cancer Symptoms

There are some basal cell cancer symptoms that can be recognized or noticed. Basal cell cancer can be noticed by the skin that grows in the dome shape. Basal cell cancer is started by the small bump that looks like mole or pimple that doesn’t go away. It might be followed by the itchy sensation. It may also look like scaly pink or red patches. It can be pink, red, brown or dark depending on the condition. Another basal cell cancer symptom is hard skin growth that fragile or can easily bleed. Commonly, basal cell cancer might bleed after shaving or other skin injuries. However, the sore and the cut don’t heal easily or it might heal but then come back again easily.


As it is said before, that basal cell cancer is curable when it is diagnosed earlier. Once you notice some basal cell cancer symptoms, you need to go to doctor. There are some treatments that are suggested by the doctor to help you get rid of the cancer. First is by cutting out the cancer or well known as excision. Second is by scraping the tumor and killing the cancer cell by using electricity. Another type of treatment is by freezing the cancer cell or well known as cryosurgery.

Those are some information about basal cell cancer, basal cell cancer symptoms and the treatments. Due to the cause of the cancer, you might consider to protect your skin that highly exposed to the UV ray with applying some lotions. Wearing jacket or long–sleeved clothes can be quite effective to prevent the cancer.
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