Basal Cell Cancer Symptoms and the Causes of It

How many types of cancer that you know? Actually, there are so many cancer types, and some of you may not know every type of cancer. Have you known about basal cell cancer symptoms? Basal cell cancer is also a type of cancer that has some symptoms. You are better to know about this cancer because it will help you to prevent basal cell cancer and know about the factors that cause it. Read some information below to know more about basal cancer cell.

Basal Cancer Cell and Its Symptoms

Not every person knows about basal cancer cell. Have you ever heard about basal cancer cell? Actually, basal cancer cell is a type of cancer that attacks skin area, especially face and neck. Although this cancer can attack face area, but the common area usually attacked by this cancer is nose area.

There are some symptoms of basal cell cancer. The main symptom of basal cancer cell is a little and shiny bump found in face area, especially in the nose. Sometime, that little bump contains blood vessel, and then releases blood for several times. When it happens, skin surface may be so rough. Not only little and shiny bump on face, basal cell cancer can be signed by scaly patches of brown or black that over time can enlarge. Other symptom is a flat, skin-colored lump that enlarges over time.

What is the Cause of Basal Cell Cancer?

Basal Cell Cancer Symptoms and the Causes of It
Before talking about the cause of basal cell cancer, let’s we talk about basal cell first. Basal cell is a type of cell that is located under epidermis layer. It has purpose for replacing dead skin cell with new cells. Basal cell cancer is a type of cancer that attacks basal cell and causes various symptoms that have been mentioned before.

What is the cause of basal cancer cell ? Actually, the main cause of basal cancer cell is ultraviolet or sun rays. Yes, basal cancer cell usually attacks skin area that is usually exposed by sun rays. So, you have to be careful and protect your skin from ultraviolet rays because the skin that is directly exposed by ultraviolet ray has a risk to be attacked by basal cell cancer.

Although ultraviolet is the main cause of basal cell cancer, but it doesn’t mean that basal cancer cell can’t be caused by other factors. There are other factors that make a person has a risk to experience basal cell cancer. For example is a person whose family member has ever experienced skin cancer. Not only that, people with bright skin also have higher risk to get basal cell cancer.

Other factors that become the factors of basal cell cancer are people who are older than 50 years old, man, radiation, and the consumption of immunity supplement. Whenever you experience basal cell cancer symptoms, you are better to visit a doctor as soon as possible. A doctor may give you various choices of treatment, such as cream for basal cancer cell, surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and many more.
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